Thanks to all

Since Alejandra and me, Sergio, we stared to think about how to help young artists and make an art business for all of us, we decided to call our project as TNC- the new curators. After we received more than 100 art portfolios, we made a selection of artists about what and which ones we understood their work, and perhaps we had a chance to represent them in other countries, where they don’t access at all.

During the last year we applied to several founds and institutions, virtual support to help us to develop this initiative without success, more than public or private support, we received from some artists their own help. Even this difficulties we had art shipping between some countries without public founds, we made 4 exhibitions in 3 countries (Austria, US and Serbia) and promote them as much as we could have. The cost and investment of our entire project went more than 30.000 Euros on shipping, caring, framing and production. Finally, TNC was not a business, become a philanthropy project, it was our effort as team and help from Federico Moccia, Alvaro Gonzalez- Dupuy, Isidora Kristic - U10 gallery and friends, we made our best. But as every pocket needs a time break, we decide to stop here and just keep the website open as source of promotion.

We very thank you all the artist that they had taken part in our idea and we are glad of what we grasp and reach with our small art network between countries and continents.

<3 TNC

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We are The New Curators, and what we love to do is promoting brave young artists.



TNC selects and brings together young artists from different countries. One of the core beliefs to do the selection: Risk + not famous yet.[ Read me ]